NC Farmers React to Cooper's Veto of HB 467

  DSC_0378Thousands of family farmers across North Carolina are expressing disappointment today over Gov. Cooper's decision to veto House Bill 467.The decision to veto a bill that would protect family farmers from predatory lawyers is a blow to North Carolina agriculture, our state's number one industry."I'm so disappointed with Gov. Cooper's decision. He doesn't know how many farmers he has let down," said Lorenda Overman, a Wayne County farmer.Elwood Garner had a similar reaction."It's disheartening," Garner said. "This bill could help keep hog farmers in business. We're already the most regulated industry in the state and we're not doing anything wrong."In his veto message, Gov. Cooper expressed concern about providing protections to a single industry. But North Carolina law offers special protections to countless industries – from fast food restaurants and skate parks to construction contractors and technology companies. Farmers deserve the same protections.Louis Howard, a farmer from Kenansville who was previously targeted in a nuisance suit, was stunned when he heard the news. "I just don't know what to say... Farmers like me were counting on this bill to protect us. I know just how dangerous these lawyers are.""I'm very disappointed, but not surprised," said Gaye Crowther, a farmer from Tabor City. "He vetoed it even though it passed with strong support, bipartisan support. As a pork producer, I'm concerned because it makes us more vulnerable to lawsuits."We urge the NC General Assembly to stand with farmers and override the Governor’s veto.