Hundreds of Pork Farmers Unite to Defend Our Way of Life

More than 1,200 pork farmers and their families jammed into the Duplin County Events Center Tuesday night to hear about the legal and media attacks against our is our platform to share information and ideas, to bring us together online and to tell our story – and the truth – to people all over North Carolina.Below are some highlights from Tuesday night’s speakers.

Gregg Schmidt, President, Murphy-Brown:

“This may be one of the biggest challenges we have faced.”“We’ve got to get busy and tell our story. Educate the press, the politicians and consumers.”“It is time for us to step out and it is time for us to get the word out.”“We certainly cannot afford to lose the battle for public opinion.”

Mark Anderson, McGuire Woods, lead attorney defending the pork industry against the current lawsuits:

“Your farms and the manner in which they operate are at issue in these lawsuits.”“The way we win the litigation is to get out the true facts in court. The way we win with the public is to get out and tell your story.”“We need to be better than good in how we operate our farms. We need to be great neighbors and not just good neighbors.”

Jason Taylor, whose family’s farm is being sued:

“I want to let our story open your eyes to what can happen to you.”“Our legal fees got up to $30,000 a month….You have to spend your hard-earned money to prove you’re innocent.”“My dad had to get a pacemaker. I associate that a lot with the stress factor.”

Deborah Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, NC Pork Council:

“The North Carolina Pork Council started months ago to develop a strategy to defend our industry. We’re going to fight and win.”“It’s not just Murphy Brown. It’s not just the Taylor family. It’s all of us who are vulnerable.”“The facts are on our side. It’s going to take every segment of our industry working together.”

Chuck Stokes, pork grower:

“We have to become united in our defense of our industry.”“The actual facts and science are on our side.”“If we don’t do this, we’ll have a lot more to worry about than rainfall.”

Kraig Westerbeek, Vice President, Engineering and Environmental, Murphy-Brown:

“If our opponents win, this part of North Carolina loses.”“Producing food and feeding the world is a noble endeavor.”FullSizeRender-3